Emprize Brew Mill Clubs

Enjoy the prestige and many benefits of the Emprize Brew Mill Mug and Food Clubs by earning points and receiving discounts every time you visit!

Food Club

Purchase 10 meals at $10 or more (excluding beverages) to receive $10 off your next visit. Bring in a friend to sign up counts as a meal toward you!

The Loyal Mug Club

Do you like to drink beer?! Then this Club is for you!

Collect points to increase your Loyal Mug Rank and acquire rewards.

Each punch card is worth a point. 

Ask our friendly staff for the simple sign-up form, and start your path toward Grand Marshal today!

Points*         Rank                                           One-time Benefit
0-49               Lay Member                              Wink & a Nod (Hang in there!)
50-99             Initiate                                        EBM Sticker & Coaster
100-149        Squire                                          EBM T-shirt
150-199        Standard Bearer                        Free Appetizer 
200-299        Knight                                          EBM Cap 
300-499        Knight-Captain                           32 oz. EBM Growler
500-699        Knight-Commander                  EBM Hoodie 
700-999        Seneschal                                   64 oz. Steel, Black or Glass Growler
1000+           Grand Marshal                          Perpetual Happy Hour & 10% Off Food 

*Point Values for Qualifying Beverages (EBM brews only)

1 point per mug or pint of draught beer, cider, mead or glass of wine

2 points per 32oz growler fills of draught beer, cider, mead or wine 

4 points per pitcher or 64oz growler fill of draft craft beer, cider, mead or wine

Founders Club

All Beer Enthusiasts, Heed the Call!!! Become a lifetime member of our brewery/cidery and join the Emprize Brew Mill Founders Club! Have a pint on the house every day in your own custom mug. Be the first to sample new beers and ciders. Enjoy never ending discounts on food, drinks and merchandise. Even schmooze with the Brewmaster.

The one-time membership fee is $1,500 and is valid for the Member's entire life.

  • One free personalized, custom EBM-emblazoned, pint-sized beer mug (clear or ceramic—Founder’s choice), displayed at the bar for the Founder’s exclusive use.

  • One free Founder’s mug fill per day of the Founder’s choice of craft beer or cider for consumption by the Founder in our taproom.

  • After free mug fill, all subsequent mug fills on the same day will be charged at Happy Hour prices regardless of time of day or other circumstances.

  • One free EBM-emblazoned 64 oz. growler.

  • One free 64 oz. growler fill per month of the Founder’s choice of draft beer or cider.

  • Exclusive, early access to newly marketed EBM beers and ciders as well as all EBM seasonal releases.

  • Access to Founder’s Club private newsletter including announcement of upcoming events, drawings and new EBM beer and cider releases.

  • One dollar off normal prices for all craft bottled beer purchases for consumption by the Founder in our tap room.

  • Ten percent off all EBM food purchases.

  • Ten percent off all EBM craft beer or cider keg purchases.

  • Ten percent off all EBM merchandise (T-shirts, hats, etc).

  • All EBM craft beer and cider purchases also earn points toward benefits in the Brew Miller’s Mug Club. Each Founder enters the Mug Club with the elevated rank of Knight.

  • Quarterly Founder’s Club “meeting” with free swag, giveaways, and discussion with the EBM Brewmaster.

  • Foundership and benefits are not transferable under any circumstances, nor may they be applied to any other individual at any time.

  • The Founder’s mug is the property of the member, but must be maintained by and stored at the Emprize Brew Mill for display purposes. Upon voluntary termination of Foundership, the member may take his/her mug home.

  • All growlers must be maintained by the Founder.

  • The Founder’s personalized mug must be used to receive the applicable benefits described above.

  • EBM will replace the Founder’s personalized mug in case of loss or damage by EBM; however, if the mug is lost or damaged while being used by the Founder, then the Founder will replace the mug at his/her expense.

  • The Founder’s 64 oz. growler must be used to receive the free monthly fill of craft beer.

  • EBM reserves the right to revoke the Founder’s membership, without refund, for refusal to observe taproom and brewery policies or the EBM code of conduct.


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