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Emprize Brew Mill Clubs

Enjoy the prestige and many benefits of the Emprize Brew Mill Mug and Food Clubs by earning points and receiving discounts every time you visit!


Food Club

Purchase 10 meals at $10 or more (excluding beverages) to receive $10 off your next visit. Bring in a friend to sign up counts as a meal toward you!

The Loyal Mug Club

Do you like to drink beer?! Then this Club is for you!

Collect points to increase your Loyal Mug Rank and acquire rewards.

Each punch card is worth a point. 

Ask our friendly staff for the simple sign-up form, and start your path toward Grand Marshal today!

Points*         Rank                                           One-time Benefit
0-49               Lay Member                              Wink & a Nod (Hang in there!)
50-99             Initiate                                        EBM Sticker & Coaster
100-149        Squire                                          EBM T-shirt
150-199        Standard Bearer                        Free Appetizer 
200-299        Knight                                          EBM Cap 
300-499        Knight-Captain                           32 oz. EBM Growler
500-699        Knight-Commander                  EBM Hoodie 
700-999        Seneschal                                   64 oz. Steel, Black or Glass Growler
1000+           Grand Marshal                          Perpetual Happy Hour & 10% Off Food 

*Point Values for Qualifying Beverages (EBM brews only)

1 point per mug or pint of draught beer, cider, mead or glass of wine

2 points per 32oz growler fills of draught beer, cider, mead or wine 

4 points per pitcher or 64oz growler fill of draft craft beer, cider, mead or wine

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